Reeling it In


I have been working very hard on getting my personal chef business established.  I have also been working very hard in personal development.  I have been setting goals and visualizing the outcome I want. I have been meditating and learning to control my mind. All of these developments have been amazing transformations in my life.  My business is taking off, and I feel focused on my vision.  I have, however, let other aspects of my life get a bit out of focus.

I’ve gained some weight.  My jeans are tight.  Living in the remote Adirondack Mountains of New York, it was easy to stay on target with health and fitness goals.  There was only one small grocery store in town, which opened at 8, and closed at 7. There were only two restaurants in town, a diner and a pub. To get anywhere in town, you had to go either straight up or straight down.

Moving to Asheville, NC, brought big changes into our lives.  The food scene is booming. There are unique and interesting restaurants all over town.  There’s also a craft brewery on every street corner, and a weekly beer festival to go along with it.  There are a lot more temptations at my fingertips, and a lot more people asking join them out for a drink or a meal.  I’m a lot closer to my family, which warrants a lot of celebrations.

This is what I do.  The programs I offer are designed for weight loss. I provide food to people to help them lose weight.  I have healthy, light food at my fingertips all the time. Every time I get back on track, life gets in the way.  I tell my clients not to avoid experiencing life because they are dieting. I fully believe in this, but it is time to reel it in.  Even Chef Katie can get off track.  It happens to the best of us.

I am inspired by my recent personal growth.  I am ready to fully get back on track.  I am starting a 30-Day Get Clean Program.  For thirty days, I am going to be focused on getting my body and mind aligned for success.  I will be posting recipes, tips, and other great information I have learned.  I will also feature some amazing people and facilities that offer great teachings and motivation for overall wellness.  Join me in my journey.  I took today to get organized. It officially starts tomorrow.

About chefkatiecooks

I am a trained chef with almost 20 years of restaurant and catering experience. My passion is cooking clean and healthy foods. I love working as a personal chef to help people to clean up their diets, and live well by eating nourishing foods that are healthy, satisfying, and delicious!
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  1. Elizabeth Davidson says:

    I will anxiously await your posts!

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